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Presley Heart banged by the neighbor

Sexy Presley just moved to a new apartment with her husband and while she has to decorate is he is on a business trip. Today he called her saying that he is going to be away for two more weeks. She is not happy at all specially now that the new couch was delivered and she has to move it to the other side of the room.

When she sees their neighbor who lives next door to her he asks him if he would be kind to help her move her couch. After a job well done she goes to make a coffee and they start a conversation. She suddenly starts complaining about her husband being away all the time and he tells her that he can keep her company while he is gone. Of course he sais it as a joke but this gave her ideas specially that she felt attracted to him the moment she saw him the first time. She is so sexy and the guy can’t resist her and after she gets naked and sucks his cock her bends her over the new black couch and slides his cock deep inside her pussy. After he bangs her wet tight pussy and they both cum he leaves but promises to be back soon. Go to bang boat and check out naughty babes getting a free both ride and a hardcore fuck!


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